Steam Gives Greenlight to 'Fatal Fighter': An All-Female Martial Arts Combat that Packs a Punch

9 January 2017, 10:50 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

"Fatal Fighter" adds up to long list of martial arts genre like "Street Fighter V," "Dead or Alive," "King of Fighters" but with a twist - all fighters are female. Developers thought of gathering the best female fighters from around the world and packed them in "Fatal Fighter" to compete against each other in do or die epic battles.

While Greenlight trailer of "Fatal Fighter" did not disclosed how many female fighters are there in the roster, it hints that the list is going to be a long one. Player will therefore have as many choices on move sets, special attacks and combos that these gals uniquely sport. Interesting though that "Fatal Fighter" looks very similar to "Dead or Alive" in terms of female hotties featuring certain "bounciness," Siliconera observed.

Here is another good thing to look forward in "Fatal Fighter," players from around the globe can compete against each other through network play. Those who opt to simply watch these clash of fists can use "Fatal Fighter" spectator mode.

"Fatal Fighter" is a two-dimensional game with similar mechanics to established fighting series mentioned above, EventHubs described. Again, the foremost draw for "Fatal Fighter" could be the unique concept of feminism. Other that that, everything can be found in its contemporaries.

Meanwhile, there is no release date nor confirmed platform for "Fatal Fighter" yet. However, there are indications that is is going to unleash this year. In fact, Valve is already reaching out to developers of "Fatal Fighter" after giving a go signal for posting on Steam.

Another note to swat potential confusion, "Fatal Fighter" is different from popular online strategy game "Fatal Fighters" - the one with the "S" in title. the latter is Tetris-like game with turn-based mechanics where players match squares to power up arsenal.

So, are you ready to delve in another fighting games that "Fatal Fighter" offers? Chime us with your thought about all-female combatants annihilating each other.

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