‘Tom Clancy's The Division’ 1.6 Update & The Survival Unlimited Medicine Glitch

11 January 2017, 7:38 am EST By Gloven Ramos Mobile & Apps

To make the game more interesting, Tom Clancy's "The Division" now has patch 1.6, which is an update focused on improving their PvP and Dark Zone gameplay environment.

To test the update before it is released, 15 lucky players are selected to try out the patch. These players will be called the Elite Task Force and their only mission is to see if there will be problems with the update.

A Survival Mode glitch in the Tom Clancy's "The Division" was recently discovered, giving players unlimited medicines, and hopefully the 1.6 update can resolve it. The glitch was discovered by a YouTuber who goes by the handle "alboboby gaming," a member of The Division Xbox One Community.

Some sites posted tips on how to use this glitch in the the game. Like the Inquisitr cited in their report, the steps have to be done quickly, inject the medicine after selecting it from the menu, go back to menu and quickly share the medicine, then just pick it up from the ground and it will load in your inventory.

According to the same site, the steps given to enable this survival and unlimited medicine glitch is still unknown if this is exclusive only for the Xbox One users. As of now, nothing reported whether this glitch can apply to other consoles.

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