Third-Person Mod for 'Resident Evil 7' Features Headless Ethan

10 January 2017, 10:52 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

"Resident Evil 7" is unique in a way that this horror shocker is a sense that it is revolutionizing survival game by making a first-person game entirely. However, there are tinkers here and there that doesn't stop to engineer a gameplay that will make "Resident Evil 7" off its shell.

Modder Tom Humble broke "Resident Evil 7" to transform it into a third-person perspective. Yes, our tinker boy controlled the cameras in demo version and played "Resident Evil 7" in various third-person angles. With a drawback of course, character Ethan is missing his head, ShackNews said.

Make no mistake about it, first-person characters like Ethan in "Resident Evil 7" are usually modelled without heads. Who would need a head if players are looking into the game scenes through character's eyes anyway. We can't see our heads if not looking in the mirror, right? So is the same case with "Resident Evil 7" and other first-person games.

So if players miss the good old "Resident Evil 4" where third-person gameplay is available, then this Tom Humble mod is the way to go. This "Resident Evil 7" mod might not look quite polished as that of "real" third-person action games but it is decent by all levels. Just don't mind the protagonist's missing head and play "Resident Evil 7" a la gameplay of the fourth iteration.

Meanwhile, PCGamer reported that not only "Resident Evil 7" is receiving some mods. Even the "Resident Evil Remake" received some twists which is exactly the reverse of what has been modded in "Resident Evil 7." Meaning, a third-person "Resident Evil Remake" was transformed into a first-person by using the computer graphics program Blender.

"Resident Evil 7" will unleash on Jan. 24, just less than two weeks to go. The demo version is available through Steam - that is the unmodded of course. An advice though, check graphics settings before delving further in "Resident Evil 7" for better results.

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