Top 5 Advancements That Could Happen to VR Tech in 2017 Other Than Gaming

10 January 2017, 11:05 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Big guns and tech giants are slowly jumping into the VR technology and its many uses from gaming to socialization. Here are some of the changes that might stun the VR world this 2017 which might in turn catapult it to even better sales and reception.

First, take a look back at 2016 Oculus Connect event in California where Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took center stage to talk about social VR. Not only that VR is confined to the person using it but Zuckerberg provided the idea of VR socialization. Even video games can benefit from the concept since multiplayer VR might bridge gamers across the globe, IndieObscura said.

Secondly, it is a generally accepted notion now that VR is not just for gaming although it is arguably conceived for such purpose. VR is becoming more accessible in 2017 and it is likely that high-end theaters might even sport VR headsets. Yes, it could be a far fetched idea but who knows what 2017 might bring to VR plate.

Third, VR is steadily ranging into affordability lane. Admittedly, current price point of VR headsets is enough to make a stomach full for a month yet observers think that 2017 might saw VR price plunging, MakeUseOf suspects. Just consider how much other tech like SSD significantly dropped prices over the years just to accommodate grassroots market.

Fourth, mobile gaming is beginning to take a cut in VR tech and they want a piece of this cake. 2016 saw mobile games taking new heights as it reaped $41 billion revenue. Gamers can expect VR being induced into mobile gaming. After all, smartphone manufacturer Samsung has their Samsung Gear VR, right?

Lastly, expect VR industry to grow exponentially this 2017. Even preschoolers are leaning more and more about VR, educated analysts know that VR is a profitable endeavor. Perhaps the most obvious thing that will happen to VR tech in 2017 in terms of marketability is the availability of space for it to expand

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