‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ News: On Sale At $5 On Bundle Stars For 24 Hours Only [VIDEO]

17 February 2017, 11:46 am EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

"Batman: Arkham Knight" can be bought at a seriously cheap price, but for a limited time. Bundle Stars has it on sale until February 17 11 AM ET at only $5/ /£4/€5.

The Bat bargain is said to be a "Star Deal." It is described by Bundle Stars as a "24-hour-only flash discount that offers Steam games at best ever prices." Buyers get a legitimate Steam key for the full game. Yes, it may be available but only in limited quantities so buyers have to be fast or they simply miss it out.

It remains true that "Batman: Arkham Knight" had an infamously rocky launch. Rocksteady, the game developer, had given subsequent efforts to fix the game's performance issues -- and was able to do so. The game is finally in its fighting form and, athough it does not support SLI or Crossfire, actually runs very smooth in its current state.

Steam user reviews overall are said to be "mixed" what with all the bad history to overcome. However, recent reviews are "much more positive." Aspiring owners can get it at bundlestars.com.

Meanwhile, "Batman: Arkham Knight" is said to be built on the revolutionary strike-and-counter fighting style with not only powerful new moves but new enemies, as well. It further expands on Arkham City's open world with a bigger and more detailed version of Gotham, according to IGN.

It also ntroduces a new fully playable Batmobile. In fact, it plays an important role in the game's action and puzzle levels. It brings all of Batman's closest family of Gotham superheroes and rogues together for a remarkable and stunning finale.

"Arkham Knight" is said to be the biggest Batman game yet. It is not only for its map size but also for its wide range of gameplay types and an impressive roster of characters.

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