‘Diablo 3’ Patch 2.5.0 Release Date: We Might Not Be Getting The Armory Anytime Soon

17 February 2017, 10:20 am EST By Rei Lantion Mobile & Apps

The "Diablo 3" Patch 2.5.0 promises a wealth of new features that have gotten fans suitably excited. Despite the lukewarm reception following the announcement of Primal Ancient Items in this patch, the Armory and Crafting Mat Storage are two things every player is looking forward to.

A recent post from D3 Community Manager Tyvalir announces some new changes they've applied to the patch after PTR feedback. Does this mean "Diablo 3" Patch 2.5.0 could be going live soon?

Edited Patch Notes, Primal Ancients Even More Rare

The original announcement from Tyvalir announced the general overview of the changes they plan to implement in patch 2.5.0. Chief among these was the change to the Primal Ancient Items and drop system. Apparently, Primal Ancients will now roll perfect Ancient-level stats tailored to the character class you're using when the gear drops.

Furthermore, he states that Primal Ancients "will be even more rare than they currently are," and are now programmed to drop only after the character in play has completed Greater Rift 70 solo. This change has in fact been added to the official patch notes for patch 2.5.0. Under the 'Adventure Mode' section, Primal Ancient Items have been listed as "more rare" than Ancient Items.

The patch notes also mention that Primal Ancient Items may now be salvaged into 15 Forgotten Souls, whereas Ancient Items salvage into 3 Forgotten Souls. Other minor changes are mentioned, such as bug fixes to the Demon Hunter class and The Legacy of Raekor.

Patch 2.5.0 Release Date

According to Mic, the changes being made may hint that patch 2.5.0 is nearly ready for release. This would mean it's basically in the fine-tuning stage. While that would be great news, previous releases and patterns suggest otherwise. Patch 2.5.0 hit the PTR in the first week of February, and they've only updated changes and adjustments now. Tyvalir's post also mentions that they look forward to hearing player feedback, which means they probably won't release the patch until the current changes have passed muster.

The same report from Mic also confirms that the previous patch notes have yet to be finalized. Right now, everything is either being adjusted, edited, or implemented. Realistically, it could be another four, five, or six weeks before "Diablo 3" Patch 2.5.0 is ready to go live. While we fervently hope that's not the case, the best we can do now is wait and see-and keep grinding.


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