'Diablo 3' Patch 2.5.0 Is Loaded With New Content That Would Entice Players To Go Back & Play

20 March 2017, 6:43 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Blizzard has given "Diablo 3" players a first look at the game's upcoming 2.5.0 patch. The new update will include several tweaks that will improve several game mechanics.

According to PCGamer, patch 2.5.0 will improve build switching and storage options. Interestingly, the new patch allows players to pre-save up to five existing builds. Players are already expecting the update to bring in other content aside from the tweaks.

The Armory

The Armory will now allow players to store up to five complete character builds. By doing so, Blizzard will now allow seamless swapping between set items. With a click of a button, skills, runes, and gems can now be easily accessed depending on the situation.

Crafting Materials UI

Update 2.5.0 will also add a streamlined UI tab for all crafting materials. Going through the stash is now a thing of the past. All crafting materials like the "Arcane Dust" and the "Death's Breads" are now segregated in the new tab.

The convenient new UI tab can is accessible with a click of a button. Look for the small anvil located in the gold total in the inventory screen to access the tab.

Changes In Adventure Mode

Who would have guessed that "Diablo 3" is now in its 6th year? Despite the age, Blizzard is always coming up with new ways to engage players while waiting for "Diablo 4."

Several changes are sure to revamp the game mode. Starting with Greater Rift changes and quality of life updates for Bounties and Horadric Caches.

Update On Primal Ancients

Players were ecstatic when they first heard the Primal Ancients. For the most part, it added another reason for players to play Diablo 3. Dedicated players did not have a clear progression track beyond upgrading Ancient items.

That is about to change because Blizzard is making a new tier of very rare Ancient items. Players that are looking to have these items in aid of their journey can have another reason to play "D3."

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