'Hearthstone' Massive Changes Are Coming With Year Of The Mammoth; Classic Cards Going To Wild; No More Adventures

17 February 2017, 11:27 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

The "Hearthstone" Year of the Mammoth will bring many significant changes into the game. The game's latest year of play offers a feast worth of treats, including the announcement of six cards moving to Wild and a new release cycle.

Blizzard, in its most recent blog post, appears to be shaking things up in a major way as "Hearthstone's" Year of the Mammoth heads into game. When the first expansion lands later this year, it will be the culmination of the "Hearthstone" Year of the Kraken. With Blizzard's description of the Year of the Mammoth, the 12 months that follow will be nothing like "Hearthstone" fans have seen.

New Hall of Fame

A selection of extremely popular Classic cards is being moved to the Wild format through a nominal Hall of Fame classification. This includes the Neutral cards, consisting of Azure Drake, Sylvanas Windrunner and Ragnaros the Firelord. In addition, the Class cards will be sent to the Hall of Fame are Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance and Conceal. So players will not feel compelled to dust those cards if they are not into playing in Wild, Blizzard is giving everyone the dust value of each one so players can hang onto them.

Adventures Gone

With the "Hearthstone" Year of the Mammoth, Adventures will be gone. Instead, there will be three sets of 130+ cards released every year. Players will still unlock these cards through packs, but each expansion will add some single-player missions that help improve the theme of the new release.

New Rewards

Prior to the launch of the "Hearthstone" Year of the Mammoth, there will be Daily Log-in Rewards for a limited time. The rewards offer dust, gold, expansion packs and more. There will also be a new cosmetic Rogue hero named Maiev Shadowsong. This new hero can be unlocked by completing 10 games of "Hearthstone" in Standard Ranked or Casual Mode Play.

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