8 Most Useful Android App Shortcuts Every Android User Should Know [VIDEO]

16 March 2017, 8:27 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Google's current generation mobile OS (operating system), Android Nougat has an array of advantageous features buried under the hood. One of the most convenient among them is app shortcuts.

These app-specific shortcuts come in handy while directly accessing a specific part of an app from the home screen. These seldom-used shortcuts make life a bit easier for smartphone users.

Android Nougat debuted a long time ago, and while acceptance hasn't really been something to shout about, a considerable number of users on top-notch smartphones have access. It's worth noting that app shortcuts are only available on Android 7.1 Nougat unless a user resorts to a 3rd-party launcher which offers support, such as Nova or Action Launcher 3, according to 9To5Google.

Nevertheless, the user will still need to have access to one of the few apps that support the feature. Let's take a gander at some of the more useful Android app shortcuts.

Freeing Up Storage Space

You can free up a considerable amount of storage space by getting rid of any photos or videos that you've previously backed up to the cloud. Here's how to do it with Google Photos: Open the app, tap the main menu button (top-left corner), and then tap Free up storage.

Alternatively, you can make an app shortcut to save a few taps off the whole process: Simply tap and hold Google Photos icon located on the home screen, and then tap the Free up space app shortcut.

Creating A Reminder

You can take advantage of an Android app shortcut for creating a reminder. Simply tap and hold the Calendar icon on the home screen and then tap the New reminder shortcut. This takes you to a blank reminder in Calendar.

Jumping To A Different Messenger Conversation

Ideally, just tapping on the Messenger home screen icon brings up the "all conversations" screen; in other words, you have to tap one more time before you can text someone. Here's a faster way to going to a specific Messenger conversation:

Tap and hold Messenger icon and shortcuts to about three or four most recent conversations will pop up. Now, you just have to tap the New conversation shortcut in order to start a new thread.

Scanning A Document

Although Google Drive's Scan button comes in handy while scanning a receipt, it takes quite a few taps. This isn't really ideal particularly if you are trying to scan a receipt in a flash.

But fret not, you can scan a document without breaking much of a sweat simply by tapping and holding the Drive icon, and then tapping Scan, this will take you to Drive's scanner viewfinder.

Heading Straight To Play Music Tunes

While the updated Play Music app places the Google Play Music streaming service right in the center, it buries your own tunes under a tab. To deal with this, you can tap and hold the Play Music icon on the home screen, then tap the My library shortcut. This will skip Play Music's streaming service and go directly to your own music collection, according to PC World.

Creating A New Audio Note

Those who have Google Keep installed on the Android devices can give this a shot:

Tap and hold the Google Keep icon, then New audio note, and translate your thoughts into words. Google Keep not only will record your voice, it will also write out everything you say.

Saving The Digits Of A New Contact

Trading business cards are outmoded. Thankfully, you can just tap the number of a new business contact straight in any Android phone. However, this might be impractical in a lot of situations -- for instance, when you are at a party and you've got a drink in one hand and your phone in another. Here's how you can avoid such awkward situation.

Tap and hold either the Phone or Contacts icon on your home screen and then tap New contact; in no time, you'll be ready to jot down details about your new contact.

Taking Selfies

Just tap the Camera icon and then tap the Take a selfie shortcut.

Do you have more Android app useful shortcuts to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section!

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