Four Of The Best Free iOS Navigation Apps Aside From Apple's Pre-installed Map

16 March 2017, 8:36 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

iPhone owners have always been using the pre-installed Map application to navigate routes. However, it might not be the best navigation app for many iPhone and iPad users. Luckily, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Here are four specialized alternative map applications that are worth checking out.

Waze (For The Busy Commuter)

Waze is a driving focused app that's specialized for busy commuters. It uses crowdsourced data from its millions of users to accurately detect traffic.

The app helps daily commuters to avoid heavy traffic by alerting users of road disruptions. It can send notices about road blocks, road accidents and speed traps along the route. It also has a driver friendly interface that's very useful for the daily drive.

Transit (Dedicated For Public Transit)

Apple Maps and Google Maps offer a variety of directions for all public transport. To some extent, some of these routes are limited to simple step-by-step navigation.

Transit specializes in making things easier for tracking public transit routes. Whether you are on a bus, a subway station, a train, a ferry, and bike routes, the app takes care of business. It even offers real-time tracking for service disruptions and other public transit delays.

CoPilot GPS (Navigation Without Internet Connection)

Most Map applications need an internet connection to work. This is what makes CoPilot GPS unique among other maps. It is designed to give you directions in areas that have no internet. It's a free offline navigation app that allows users to download maps and use it offline.

For as low as $10, the app lets you access some of its unique features like ActiveTraffic. Maps of the United States and Canada are for free, users have to allocate at least 5GB of storage to download the maps.

Google Maps (The Modern Go-To Map)

Among the list, Google Map is one of the most commonly used third-party app for iPhone users. The app has a more robust search feature and a bigger, more accurate database.

The app also offers Street View, a comprehensive 360-photo view of a chosen location. The Google app even allows users to look for local points of interests like restaurants and famous tourist landmarks.

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