LG G6 Latest News: Flagship Phone To Release With Free Google Home & 43-Inch Smart TV

18 March 2017, 1:09 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

The LG G6 on its release is giving away amazing freebies. The latest flagship phone will come with a free Google Home and 43-inch LG smart TV.

Carriers have already released their contract prices for the South Korean flagship phone. Those who would like to avail of contracts with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint will get a free Google Home upon sign up. Google Home is one of the most advanced voice activated smart assistance that is available in the market today, according to PC Mag.

With Google Home, users will have AI efficiency and can make more advanced functions. For those who are interested in getting this freebie should sign up immediately. The offer will only run through April 30.

Aside from the free Google Home, there are several claims that LG is also giving away free smart TV to those who purchase the device. A leaked information from Verizon's sales brochure showed that the South Korean tech giant is giving away a free 43-inch smart TV upon signing up with the carrier, according to Android Authority. The LG Smart TV is valued at $349.99 while the Google Home is priced at $200.

According to reports, the pre-order of LG G6 started on March 17 while the availability of the device in the US is expected on April 7. Consumers interested in this impressive offer are advised to sign up to avail of these massive freebies starting March 18. For those who have signup for Verizon's offer can get their 43-inch Smart TV within 30 days of the introductory activation.

The LG G6 is available for $30 on a 24-month contract under AT&T's Next Every Year plan. AT&T also offers the LG G6 for just $24 per month, although the cellular provider would require a 30-month contract. Both of them, priced to $720. T-Mobile, on the other hand, offers the LG G6 for $26 down and $26 under 24 months, contract. On the other hand, the US carrier Sprint also offers $29.50 per month under 24-month contract.

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