'Dumb' Feature Phones Are Now Getting 4G LTE Thanks To Qualcomm's Updated Mobile Platform

20 March 2017, 7:30 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Gone are the days of feature phones being dumb. In an unprecedented move, Qualcomm is giving enhanced connectivity to low-end phones. The company is currently updating its entry-level mobile platform to cater thrifty buyers.

The updated entry-level platform will also bring LTE connectivity and 4G services. The move is directly intended for phones for sale in India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Where a majority of consumers would rather prefer a feature phone than a smartphone. The Qualcomm 205 platform was recently unveiled at an event in New Delhi.

Enabled Support For Dual Core CPU's

According to The Verge, its System-on-Chip (SoC) is capable of up 150 Mbps speeds. Interestingly, the new platform will allow low-key consumers to experience LTE technology.

It's also worth mentioning that is also capable of supporting a dual core 1.1 Ghz CPU. It's also reportedly able to handle Qualcomm's Adreno GPU and support dual-SIM.

A Longer Battery Life That Can Last For Days

In a post by CNET, the new platform can allegedly last for days on a single charge. Qualcomm also said that the 205 will have a longer battery life compared to smartphones.

Feature phones or dumb phones that can download at high speeds is quite attractive. Let alone different sets of features like an improved camera and a sharper VGA display. Phone's that have the 205 platform will also be able to use NFC capabilities.

Despite the low-specs, the price might be able to entice mid-tier buyers. Owners of outdated feature phones could easily afford phones with the 2015 SoC.

Qualcomm's new updated 205 platform is just what the doctor ordered for many people. A cheap, modern SoC that can appeal to many like avid travelers that need rugged phones.

A dumb phone with 480p resolution with high-speed internet quite an interesting buy. Nokia 3310's comeback might just have paved a way to a new smartphone niche: "dumb phones that are not dumb."

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