Android O Features Detailed [VIDEO]; Spruced Up Notifications, Smart Text Selection Toolbar, Picture-In-Picture & Lots More

21 March 2017, 7:09 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Google is gearing up to roll out its next mobile OS (operating system), and as expected the rumor mill is already up and running at full force churning out all sorts of speculations around the next OS for Android devices.

Allegedly dubbed as Android 8.0 O (Oreo), the search giant's next mobile OS is expected to pack an array of awe-inspiring features. Let's check out the aces Google has up its sleeve for Android phone users.

Android O AI (Artificial Intelligence)

 An enhanced AI interface could allegedly be in the offing with Android O. Bearing in mind that Google Assistant would have already arrived on all android devices before Android O actually rolls out, this is quite plausible.

Android O Features

Multiple sources deem Android O as a substantial update from that of the current generation Android Nougat. The impending Android OS is said to come with a slew of productive features including the ability to offer new notifications, a picture-in-picture mode, and lots more as reported by 9To5Google.

Although details about the "new notifications" are scarce, there's a possibility that this line could simply be alluding to how the notification design underwent a radical overhaul with Android N and could change again with the advent of Android O.

Plus, Android O is likely to have a picture-in-picture mode; identical to the one that has been existing for quite a long time on iPads. It's still unclear how this will be carried out on phones, but there's a possibility that the feature could be put to use in Android-powered tablets running Android TV.

Moreover, active notifications will feature app icon badges in the next Android OS. With this, the user will be able to ferret out exactly how many notifications they have for a specific app just by taking a gander at the home screen.

In addition to this, there's another feature, tech pundits claim could come with Android O. Dubbed as "Copy Less," the said feature works like a "smart text selection floating toolbar" to some extent. With "Copy Less," a user can copy information from any app and resurface the copied content when needed.

"Adaptive Icons" is another feature expected to arrive with Android O, and like rest of the rumored features for the new Android OS, there's hardly any detail about the aforesaid feature. But, tech pundits believe this could refer to dynamically changing icons. It's worth noting that the feature is currently available on Google Pixel through the Pixel Launcher.

Android O could come with a bunch of other enhancements to its MediaRecorder API. If rumors running rampant online are anything to go by, this could feature a ceaseless interface in capturing audio and video.

Bevies of Enterprise stuff have also been teased for Android O. Although there's no word regarding what exactly this incorporates, Google is no stranger to adding enterprise features to its Android powered devices. In other words, Android users will have something to cheer about in near future but until then, It looks like tech buffs will have to continue waiting with bated breath for more details to surface online.

Android O Release Date

Google could be prepping Android O for a release at the I/O developer conference, according to DigitalTrends. The event kicks off May 17 and is slated to conclude on May 19.

Google will roll out a slew of work-in-progress developer previews prior to a public launch this fall.

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