Absolute Force Online FPS: Now Available For All Players

24 November 2012, 9:41 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

Publisher TQ Digital's "Absolute Force Online" FPS' beta launched in November and just a week into the launch, the game has been garnering laurels from gamers and reviewers alike.

Since its Nov. 14 beta launch, AFO has been generating plenty of interest. Now, per reports the game has become available to all players since Thursday Nov. 22.

Developer NetDragon received innumerable requests from interested gamers who were unable to access AFO and wanted it to be made available to them, prompting them to make the game available to all players.

Per a press release, NetDragon has" made the decision to remove all IP restrictions for Absolute Force Online. On November 22 at 0:00PST NetDragon will remove all IP restrictions so that everyone can enjoy the MMOFPS Absolute Force Online."

"Absolute Force Online (AFO)" is a free-to-play MMO Fires-Person Shooter, which uses the Unreal Engine 3. AFO packs in amazing graphics, an easy to use UI that is simple, and plenty of features, making for an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

The gameplay is intense and requires the player to join one of the two mercenary corps i.e. the Fallen Angels (the merciless killers) or the Hands of Justice (the good guys). Once a player has opted for a side, he/she can customize their character from the over 40 options that are available. Characters can be customized completely from top to toe, making it unique. Players can choose the hair style, face type, skin and hair color, facial details like tattoos, as well as the character name.

AFO also gives gamers the opportunity to play as they wish by allowing them to swap between the first and third person mode. Players can also battle enemies and have advanced weapons and military vehicles like tanks and aircrafts at their disposal.

The battles take place all over the world and range from famous locations, modern cities, and deserted islands. Currently, AFO has two types of battlefields - the Classic Battlefield and the Hero Battlefield (which is exclusive)

In Classic Battlefield, players only have the option to use first person view. By contrast, in the Hero Battlefield both the first and third person view can be selected. Additionally, in most of the modes a character turns into a Hero after a certain number of deaths. The Hero has a clear advantage as he has highly increased abilities and powers.

The game also features seven exciting modes, including the Arsenal, Vehicle, and Zombie.

Arsenal Mode: In this mode the gamer's goal is to kill other players and for every player killed you earn different types of weapons. Moreover, in some maps, a player's gun keeps improving and upgrades range from a pistol to a rifle, a machine gun, and a grenade launcher. Some maps also give players a handicap for each kill, which means "the better you are, the harder it will be to win!"

Vehicle Mode: In this mode players have access to" different helicopters, allowing the use of machine guns and missiles to attack your enemies. If your enemy is in a helicopter, you can pick up the weapon cases on the ground to swat down the annoying flies."

Zombie Mode: This mode requires that humans unite in order to combat Zombies. The aim is to either kill all the Zombies or ensure that at least one human being survives when the time is over. This task is not easy as Zombies too are controlled by some players and moreover, if humans get infected they become Zombies too. However, the appearance of random weapons on the map give humans a chance to increase their power when attacking Zombies.

Interested players can apply for closed beta at http://code.afo.91.com/check, and then activate it at http://code.afo.91.com/.

Check out Absolute Force Online's official trailer below.

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