Samsung No Longer Provide Batteries For iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Computers

28 November 2012, 10:34 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

The Apple-and-Samsung relationship is slowly deteriorating, as both companies continue to have a go at each other. Judging by the present state of affairs, there will be a time when the iPhone will be without Samsung parts. Whether that will be good for both companies, remains to be seen.

According to recent reports, Samsung no longer provides the battery for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook computers, a move that forces Apple to turn to two Chinese companies, Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery.

It is not known how accurate this report is, but if it is true, then Samsung has dealt a mighty blow on Apple.

Samsung provides many of the parts in the iPhone and iPad, but the legal battles between the two companies have turned the relationship bitter sweet. The situation between the two has Apple making plans to slowly but surely remove its need to use Samsung parts in its iDevices, and so far, Apple's plan has been taking shape.

However, Samsung is not giving Apple the benefit of choosing when is the right time to jump ship, the company seems to be pushing Apple away well before it is ready to take that journey. If Apple is not ready but is forced to move on from getting batteries from Samsung, there could be shortage and defective battery problems, as the company tries to work with new partners.

Of late, Apple has been grooming the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited to take over processor production from Samsung. It would be difficult for Apple and TSMC to pull this off, since Samsung has a certain capacity that will not be easy to duplicate anywhere else at this juncture. Therefore, while Apple is desperately seeking a way out, it is not going to happen fully any time soon, and if it does, one of these companies may feel the pinch.

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