Hitman: Absolution PC Patch Released

3 December 2012, 12:46 pm EST By Prarthito Maity Mobile & Apps

IO Interactive is on time with a brand new PC update for the company’s newly released ‘Hitman: Absolution.’ Per reports, the game has now been provided with a host of new patches for PC gamers after the game featured quite a few bugs upon release.

Reports indicate that Square Enix, IO Interactive, and Nixxes are making a first patch (1.0.438.0) available for ‘Hitman: Absolution’ on PC. Quite a few improvements have been made to the game and the previous problems with negative level-scores have been fixed. Now, the newly accomplished positive scores will be needed to erase the incorrectly remembered negative scores.

Also, another problem with the Sniper Challenge Unlocks not carrying over into ‘Hitman: Absolution’ have been addressed. On first starting the patched game, gamers will receive their respective unlocks. A host of new fixes for the game support these new patches, making for a glitch-free gaming on the PC.

This development is a brand new one from the developers after it was reported that IO Interactive had confirmed that the company was already working on a patch to tweak the disguise system. While critics received the game well, one of the problems that fans have had with the game is how the disguise system has been changed up from the series’ previous entries.

Moreover, while IO Interactive had established that the company is developing a patch to tweak the disguise system, it had also mentioned that it will not support third-party patches for the software.

“We don't support the use of third-party software, trainers or injectors to alter the game code or experience. As such, we're removing the links posted here. Please refrain from reposting. Disguises are being tweaked right now. Expect a patch soon,” the company stated when a user posted a link to a third part patch’s download for "Hitman: Absolution’s" disguise issues over at the Eidos Forums.

Shortly after the launch of the game on Nov. 20, 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, a host of complaints came in about the game crashing, freezing, and even corrupting file saves on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, rendering many of the games unplayable.

However, on Nov. 26, 2012, IO Interactive stated that it was working hard to try and fix these technical errors, but also stated that it did not know what exactly was causing the errors, so a patch may take some time.

Check out the full list of patches here.

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