Spike Video Game Awards 2012 Was Extremely Immature And Downright Awful (Opinion)

10 December 2012, 12:49 pm EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Spike Video Game Awards 2012 has ended, the winners have been announced and the losers sent to a corner to reminisce on what could have been. The question is though, was the awards any good, and do we really need another one in the future.

Spike VGA has been going since 2003. So obviously, it is popular among gamers, or maybe it is only popular because no other game award show is as grand as this. I have been tuning into the VGA from the very beginning, and to be honest, I have never liked it. The only purpose for watching the VGA is to know which game came away with the top prize, and to view the World Premiers. Everything else is just complete hogwash.

This year's VGA is the worst, and it's not because the Walking Dead won Game Of The Year, it is because how boring the show was. Spike tried too hard on the humor front, and they gave Samuel L. Jackson too much freedom to do some unnecessary things. The amount of profanity that Sam Jackson spewed out of his mouth at what is supposed to be an award show is unbelievable, and totally unwanted.

There is this mentality that to relate to gamers, extreme measures like profanity and sex must be used at all times. Do these people think all gamers are 13-year-old boys who listen to rap music and act tough on the Internet? Look, I'm not saying that swearing is bad, it's fine once it is done in moderation. However, when it comes to an event like the VGAs, these things should never be considered to be part of the show.

Personally, I believe the Spike Video Game Awards should be a prestigious event with a high enough class that can be ranked up there with the Oscars, but instead, it feels very immature and downright aweful. If this is how future VGAs will be, then gamers would be better off tuning into Web sites like IGN, GameSpot and others for when they announce their own winners.

What are your own thoughts on Spike's Video Game Awards? Did you like it?

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