22-Year Old Chinese Man Turns To Robbing Graves To Fund His Video Gaming Addiction

17 December 2012, 2:22 pm EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

A young Chinese man has found himself in deep hot water today after robbing the dead of their valuables for the sake of quenching his video game addiction.

The man who goes by the name Xiao Hai, is a 22 years old loner who was addicted to video games (this is according to those who knew him). After moving away from his village, Fujian, Hai found it difficult to land a job. So he ended up sleeping on the street and begging, along with theft, to sustain his video gaming lifestyle and his overall life. It is difficult not to think that Xiao Hai is a little bit cookoo for cocoa puffs, or he doesn't care as long as he's able to play video games online.

Things, however, took a turn for the worse when Hai thought it would be a great idea to rob graves, and like any addict, he went ahead with the plan in full force. Hai went to a local village mausoleum and began to rob the dead of everything from jewelry to anything that appears to have some value. He broke urns with ashes in them like a mad man hell bent on completing his task of becoming a modern day Tomb Raider. Sadly, for him, he's no Nathan Drake or a male version of Lara Croft, just a crazed out video game addict.

Hai managed to do a lot of damage in the small mausoleum. According to a police report, he created $10,000 worth of damage, along with spilling ashes from countless urns. In police custody, Hai said he didn't care about anything so long he was feeding his video game addiction.

At the time of reporting, the Chinese police didn't say if Hai would be charged for his crimes on those who are no longer with us, or if plans are in the making to send him to a mental institution to set him on the straight and narrow path to redemption.

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