Xbox 720 And PS4 Games Targeting 30FPS?

21 December 2012, 9:48 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Gamers who have been expecting next generation games on the Xbox 720 and the PS4 to run over 30fps, are out of luck if what veteran game developer John Carmack is saying, turns out to be true.

According to John Carmack, who is also the co-founder of id Software and has worked on many successful games, developers of next generation games on the Xbox 720 and PS4 will target 30fps for their games.

"Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of next gen games will still target 30 fps," said Carmack in a Twitter post.

Carmack did not specify why the next-gen of games will continue to target 30fps. Perhaps both the Xbox 720 and PS4 are not significantly more powerful than their predecessors.

Not too long ago, a hacker got information regarding the specs of the Xbox 720, as it turned out; the news wasn't welcoming and left many gamers wondering if their favorite next-gen console will be a disappointment.

The very thought of many next-generation video games not making it to the 60fps point is a bit worrying. Gamers require games that plays smoothly both offline and online, this is one of the many reasons why Call of Duty games are so popular and fun to play, because 60fps makes a huge amount of different to the overall experience.

Then again, for games of the next generation to run at 60fps, the consoles would have to be as powerful as a high-end gaming computer, which would in turn mean that consoles could be too expensive for the average gamer to afford and, therefore, on the flipside, the 30fps could be a good thing.

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