Android Holiday Cards Revealed By Google

22 December 2012, 4:01 pm EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The holidays are a special time of the year and it is all about happiness, sharing and, of course, gifts. It seems like Google is also getting into the Christmas spirit with the company's own holiday offers and discounts.

Google has recently started offering special holiday cards, and posted a set of four Android holiday card designs to its Google+ Nexus account. This is the latest offering from Google after the company revealed a heartwarming holiday Android video to celebrate this special time of the year.

The previous video showed how while the Google team celebrates itself at the office party, one lonely little Android gets left out of the festivities. However, the Android platform comes to the rescue, and with the help of the latest Nexus hardware, the Google team is able to put together a miniature holiday scene to raise little Andy's (Android) spirits.

The video, on the other hand also sports the recently talked-about Nexus 7 dock.

"The dock takes advantage of the tablet's pogo-pin support by allowing you to quickly and easily just drop it in place: no cables to connect, no dock connectors to align. Around back you get a micro USB port for connecting the dock to your PC, as well as audio output for convenient connection to a desktop stereo," a Pocketnow report states. "There's some prominent Nexus branding up front, with the ASUS logo hiding around back."

However, the new holiday cards from Google are designed to show the spirit of Christmas, and users can print them out according to their choice, or can also enjoy them as a holiday wallpaper on an Android phone or tablet. They’re cards are full of fuzzy, adorable creatures, and are meant to put a smile on the user's face.

"We made some 'Happy Holiday Cards' to share with you this holiday season! Pass them along to friends and family by sharing this post and be sure to download the full high-resolution files...they make great wallpapers for your phone, tablet or desktop. Enjoy," the official page reads.

The full-sized files are of the dimensions 1875 x 1275 pixels, and are big enough for high-resolution displays as well.

Check out the adorable holiday video below.

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