Chinese Mobile Gamer Accidentally Gets A Beating By Villagers

29 December 2012, 10:18 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

One does not simply walk into a Chinese village while playing a mobile game. It's true, just ask 26 year-old Huang Zhansheng about the beating he experienced for doing just that.

On April 26, 2012, 26-year old Huang Zhansheng was minding his own business, while playing the popular Chinese mobile card game 'Fight the Landlord'. Out of nowhere came locals of the Pingxiang, Jiangsu province, accusing Huang Zhansheng of being a social worker who is secretly taking pictures of them via his mobile phone.

After Huang refused to give up his smartphone for inspection (as he did not know what they would do with it), the villagers proceeded to call for help and a whole gang of angry people came down on him with the intention to give him a sound beating, and that they did. After hitting Huang, they got hold of the phone only to realize Huang was telling the truth. The young man was really playing a mobile game and so they set him free.

Huang went straight home to his mother, where he began to complain that his head hurt and he was feeling dizzy. The following morning, his mother found him convulsing uncontrollably. As it turns out, the beating Huang got from the villagers gave him severe head trauma and as a consequene he could have died.

Chinese reporters went to the village where they questioned the village chief. The village head explained that Huang refused to give up his phone for the villagers to inspect and in the middle of the altercation, Huang hit first which caused a villager to pound him on his head twice. No one knows what type of special Kung Fu attack was used.

Since Huang was suffering, the village came up with 600 yuan (which is the equivalent of $100) to help with his medical expenses, according to the police. To this very day, Huang is still suffering from convulsions and the village has already paid out $93,000 for his ongoing medical care.

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