Christmas Day 2012 iOS And Android Device Activations Shatter Records

28 December 2012, 8:34 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

If you received an iOS or Android device on Christmas day you were part of a record breaking day in the world of mobile technology. Flurry Analytics released its annual study of device activations on Christmas Day and the numbers shattered previous records by a huge margin.

Flurry Analytics bases their numbers off a catalog of over 260,000 apps that use its mobile analytics platform across iOS and Android devices. Flurry concluded that there were 17.4 million devices activated on Dec. 25. That's a 332% increase over the average 4 million daily activations in December. It was also a 156% increase compared to Christmas Day in 2011 which saw 6.8 million devices activated, which surpassed the previous Christmas Day record by more than 300%.

Flurry Analytics also broke down smartphone activations compared to tablet activations. Typically daily smartphone activations easily beat tablets but on Christmas Day more tablets were activated than smartphones.

According to Flurry, the big winners were Apple's iPad, iPad mini, and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7". They also note that Amazon had a very strong performance, growing by several thousand percent over their average daily activations in December. One possible reason more tablets were activated on Christmas Day versus smartphones is a tablet could be seen as a more suitable gift due to not coming with a contract. All of these numbers are not only great for the smartphone and tablet manufacturers but also for developers whose livelihood is made off of creating the apps we love to use on our smartphones and tablets.

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