Far Cry 3 Patched – Improved Stability, Bug Fixes And More

31 December 2012, 8:11 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Ubisoft has more good news for ‘Far Cry 3’ fans all around the globe. Per reports, the company has released a fresh ‘Far Cry 3’ patch, which is the fourth one in line for the game’s PC and console versions.

The new patch is aimed at fixing stability issues with the title’s multiplayer module and also introduces a number of other improvements. The patch even resolves a host of problems faced by gamers who are playing the game’s single-player campaign.

As far as the new changes are concerned, the customizable controls in ‘Far Cry 3’ have been provided with a few tweaks for them to work properly. Apart from the overall improvements in the game’s stability issues, the patch also fixes several crashes, gameplay bugs, weapon inconsistencies and other such aspects in its multiplayer mode.

Moreover, the map editor in ‘Far Cry 3’ has also received a boatload of new additions. The map editor now displays information for Player Map playlists, and also features enhanced available space for Player map names in the lobby.

“Glitches like: Fixed the issue when Sam was no longer in the jeep’s turret after placing two bomb and being kill several time in ‘Black Gold’ mission, or Sam is no longer getting stuck when the user destroy an enemy car,” a Gamingbolt report states. “These are all in-game single player mission glitches so if you encounter this you will be unable to finish the game, and may have to restart the game to progress properly.”

For those who are concerned about the game’s single player mode, the bug related to the accessing of camera and the throwing of rocks has been fixed by the developer via this new patch. What’s more, the leaderboard will now start updating correctly following the disconnecting (or reconnecting) of the Ethernet cable.

Players who felt disturbed by the HUD will have the option to customize it through the options menu. Last, but definitely not the least, is another addition that has been revealed as a part of this update is the dedicated support for downloadable content. Now this could be an indication of an upcoming add-on for the title.

Check out the whole Changelog here.

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