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7 January 2013, 2:55 pm EST By Anu Passary email: a.passary@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

2013 International CES (or CES 2013), one of the biggest and longest running tech trade events is set to kick off (Jan. 8 to Jan. 11). CES 2013 is being held at Las Vegas and will be the ultimate platform for several companies who are looking to flaunt their latest offerings as the world watches with bated breath.

Even though big names like Apple, Google, and Microsoft won't be present at the trade show, CES 2013 has all the makings of a Hollywood potboiler.

CES 2013 is touted to be the biggest CES ever and boasts of over 3,000 exhibits (spread over 1.87 million square feet of space) that will show off close to 20,000 new products.

We take a look at what to expect from this year's CES event:

Ultra HDTVs

If you thought that your high-definition TV was the hottest thing around, think again. CES 2013 is set to unleash the "Ultra HDTVs" which are apparently four times sharper than the regular HDTV.

With the advent of the Ultra HDTVs from several major manufacturers like Sony, LG, Westinghouse etc., the HDTV is set to become old hat in a matter of days.

"While there's going to be a lot of buzz around Ultra HDTV, we really think what's going to be relevant to consumers at the show is the continued evolution of 3D TVs and Internet-connected TVs," said Kumu Puri, senior executive with consulting firm Accenture's Electronics & High-Tech group.

The 55-inch plus flat-panel Ultra HDTVs will be present at the CES 2013 in all its glory, trying to entice buyers. However, priced around the $10,000 mark, these ultra sharp models may just burn a hole through your wallet!

Colossal Phones

Bigger is better seems to be the mantra for most tech companies this year, or so it would seem. While new phones are constantly launched in the market, this year CES will see a deluge of super size phones that are 5-inch plus on an average and sport a 1080p Full HD display to boot.

Those who thought that the Galaxy Note 2 was ginormous, wait till you set your eyes on the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate phablet from Huawei. Additionally, other smartphone players like Sony, ZTE, and LG are also expected to unveil new 5-inch plus handsets at the CES.

Laptop/Tablet Hybrids

With tablets becoming increasingly popular, companies are constantly innovating and experimenting to stay ahead of rivals. Traditional computers have undergone a major refresh and the emerging trends is the computer and tablet hybrids.

These hybrid devices, like the Microsoft Surface, have touchscreens and blur the lines between laptops and tablets. Some devices like the 13.3-inch IdeaPad Yoga from Lenovo even have a screen that flips all the way!

While none of the devices from the current crop of tablet/laptop hybrids have stood out so far, we can expect more manufacturers taking this route and unveiling some spectacular devices at the CES 2013.

"All the PC manufacturers recognize that they have to do things differently," said Accenture's Puri.

Gesture Control Devices 

With technologies like eye-tracking, facial and voice recognition, and gesture control slowly becoming popular, consumers can expect more gadget-centric innovative solutions heading their way.

Tobii Technology, a Swedish company, is scheduled to demonstrate "the world's first gaze interaction computer peripheral," which is basically a camera that follows the user's gaze on the screen. Who knows in time to come such technology could potentially replace the mouse!

Additionally, PointGrab, an Israeli startup, is slated to show off software that lets the webcam of a regular laptop read hand gestures in the air, which are made in front of the camera.

Connected Cars

Major automakers like Toyota, Audi, Ford and Kia will all be displaying cars that seamlessly integrate with the cloud. Toyota and Audi are expected to unveil prototype self-driving cars at the CES 2013.

To follow the CES extravaganza, check out Mobile & Apps' special CES 2013 news coverage.

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