Redguard New Skyrim DLC Or New Elder Scrolls Title For Xbox 720?

8 January 2013, 2:02 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Bethesda seems to be preparing another DLC for Skyrim that is called Redguard, or it could be a new Elder Scrolls title for the Xbox 720? We'll find out eventually.

The trademark for Redguard was first filed back in March 2011, according to Digital Spy, and since then, Bethesda has renewed the trademark multiple times, proving that a new game with the Redguard name is in the works. The Redguard trademark is up for renewal next month; no doubt, the developer is planning to keep the name locked down.

The big question is this, could Redguard be a totally new Elder Scrolls game for next generation consoles or a new DLC for Skyrim? Back in December 2012, Bethesda confirmed that it has more stuff planned for 2013 where Skyrim is concerned, so obviously gamers should expect more content for the game. However, it is not yet certain where Redguard fall in the scheme of things. It could very well be a DLC, or a new game destined for the Xbox 720 in a few years from now.

Bethesda is not ready to confirm anything according to a tweet on Twitter.

"Sorry, I don't comment on every rumor that comes up," Bethesda VP Pete Hines tweeted when a fan asked about Redguard.

If you haven't been playing the Elder Scroll games much, you might wondering, who or what is a Redguard? Are they guards dressed in red? No, they're not, that's a silly question. Redguards are the dark-skinned race of humans from the land of Hammerfell. These people are known to be skilled with a sword and are even considered as the best warriors in all of Tamriel, the continent that is divided into nine provinces, which include Skyrim. Now you know.

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