Valve Steam Box To Run On Linux: Windows PC Gaming Dominance Challenged?

6 January 2013, 5:04 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Valve has seemingly done something that could be a big blow to PC gaming on Windows, and in the same breath, propel PC gaming on Linux based computers. If this rumor turns out to be legitimate, Windows PC gaming dominance would be aggressively challenged.

A German Web site got wind of the situation going on at Valve via a developer who goes by the name Ben Krasnow. According to Ben, the Steam Box game console will not come with Windows as the backend operating system. Instead, Valve chose to go with a variant of Linux. This comes as no big surprise, since Valve CEO Gabe Newell bashed Windows 8 for being too restrictive for game developers.

Newell also attacked Microsoft for trying to imitate Apple; he added that it would be the decline of Windows and Microsoft. These very reasons could be what brought the SteamBox to life, and possibly the imminent demise of Windows PC gaming. The majority of Windows PC gamers have a Steam Client installed, they don’t support Microsoft’s own Games for Windows Client, so as it stands, Valve has more control over Windows PC gaming future than Microsoft.

The Valve Steam Box with Linux is said to support Big Picture, a mode that allows PC gamers to connect their computer to a TV screen with a controller and do all the things they enjoy doing on Steam from the comfort of their living room.

One thing that is not known about the Steam Box is whether all Windows-based games on Steam would be supported, or if it will require an all new library of games. The latter seems likely, since Windows games are built with Direct X, and Linux does not support that platform but OpenGL instead. If Valve can find a way around this problem, the Steam Box could potentially become a hit from day one.

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