Doom 4 Scheduled For Launch On Xbox 720, PS4, And Wii U?

11 January 2013, 9:33 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Fans of the Doom franchise may not need to wait very long to get their palms on the next game if recent rumors of Doom 4 releasing on the Xbox 720 and PS4 prove to be true.

Doom is one of the most well-known first-person shooter franchise. The first game is heralded as the title that began the first-person shooter craze, a game that has now being ported to play on anything, so don't be to surprise if you caught it running on even a calculator (just kidding).

Brian Harris, lead programmer at id Software hinted via his Twitter account of a possible Doom 4 release on next generation consoles. Until Jan. 10, Harris was the lead man behind Doom 4 development according to his LinkedIn account, so when this man says something on Twitter, it needs to be taken seriously.

"Currently home taking care of a new baby girl. When I get back, I'll help port the big project to new platforms," said Harris when questioned about his current work situation.

The only big project id Software could be working on right now is Doom 4. How exciting would it be if the title turns out to be a launch title for the Xbox 720 and PS4? Even the Nintendo Wii U could be in on the action since the GPU is quite capable of pushing games with advance graphics.

However, some gamers may not be too excited about a Doom 4 launch. It can't be denied that many of id Software games are not immersive and lack depth; nonetheless, they do make it up with impressive graphics. But then again, awesome graphics sometimes is not enough to keep gamers interested, which is why no one is playing RAGE.

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