Skyrim Mod Introduces New Settlement Called Syerscote With Extra Quests, House And Items

10 January 2013, 12:44 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

One of the greatest things about the 'Elder Scrolls: Skyrim', is the ability to create mods for the game that anyone is able to download and play. The newest mod for this gigantic game introduces a new settlement called Syerscote, along with quests and items to purchase.

The mod is designed by modder Samv96UKK, who surprisingly has put a lot of attention into making this a reality. This new mod is one of the few Skyrim mods with decent voice acting, and other modders may want to take a page out of Samv96UKK book.

Here is a list of things to expect in Syerscote, according to SkyrimNexus:

The Quests

Syerscote has two quests: Keeping Control and For Ulfric! The details are as follows:

Keeping Control: "Help the Mayor of Syerscote and the Imperials keep control over Syerscote by locating a Stormcloak Spy. Start this quest by asking the Mayor about Stormcloak presence in Syerscote."

For Ulfric!: "Assist the Stormcloaks by taking the Settlement for the rebel forces and putting down any opposition. Start this quest by killing the Mayor of Syerscote."

The House

To purchase the house, speak to the Steward in Syerscote Manor. You can buy the keys for 4000 Gold. You will then be able to upgrade the following:
-The Living area
-The Dining Table
-The Bedroom
-The Study

And purchase:
-An Alchemy Crafting Station
-An Armour improvement Hammer (Works the same as an armour Workbench)

The NPC's

There are several NPC's in the village, which include:
-3 Town Guards
-Crassius/Hulgard: Mayor
-Seguri/Kolfhe: Steward
-Cydna Noble-Heart: Court Wizard, Spell merchant
-Bur-za: Beggar
-Relianne: Alchemy merchant
-Hickim: Blacksmith
-Suleem: Blacksmith merchant
-Turena: Ore/Ingot merchant
-Sabrinda: Food merchant
-Malpen: Food merchant
-Viania: General Goods merchant
-Elfid: Innkeeper merchant, Speech Trainer
-Ol Capt'n Sham: Villager
-Falced: Follower of Mara
-Fralvia: Bard

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