Company of Heroes 2 Detailed: User Interface, Mapping And More

8 January 2013, 9:10 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Relic Entertainment’s upcoming RTS (real-time strategy) title ‘Company of Heroes 2’ has received more details.

Per reports, the official Web Site of ‘Company of Heroes 2’ has detailed the various aspects of the upcoming game, including its supported in-game user interface, game mapping, and more.

The developers state that the game’s minimap is similar in design to the one that came with the original title in 2006. The map will display capture points and territory control lines, with the Unit Portrait situated in the right of the minimap.

This section provides a high reliability representation of the selected unit. Moreover, it also displays combat information including health, experience progress, experience rank, allegiance, kill-count, temperature, active abilities, and vehicle criticals.

“Designed to give the player a full view of the battlefield and quick unit control, all the information you need to command your army is presented in a clean, concise and straightforward manner, with many improvements being made over the original design from CoH1,” the official page states.

The RTS’ UI also includes the Bridge. This is meant to give the player a reference on how to be effective on the battlefield. When multiple units are selected, a list of unit decorators on a single line is displayed, and this allows for fast unit sub-selection, upgrades and reinforcement.

Along the top of the bridge, players will locate the very important Resource Panel. This horizontal layout allows players to quickly and easily comprehend the various resources in the game, and helps the player to compare the costs of purchasing new units and their available money.

“Every soldier and vehicle has a unique unit decorator. These are iconic representations which display each type of unit, their health, their veterancy, upgrades and combat situations such as idle, attacking, pinned or suppressed states and other information,” the page adds.

“These build from the UI decorators in Coh1, but provide more information and better clarity about what’s happening to a particular unit. The decorators are shown in 3 places: in-game overtop of units, in the bridge when a unit is selected, and in the top right of the screen in the Global Unit Control.”

Players will also get to access the Command Card on the lower right of the screen. The company has confirmed that it has kept most of this as it was in ‘Company of Heroes.’ Players will now be able to access each command labeled with a hotkey for quick reference, “which by default favors complete control with the left hand on the keyboard.”

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