Super Bowl May Soon Be Telecasted Live Over 4G LTE, Thanks To Verizon

11 January 2013, 6:55 pm EST By Sumit Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Have you missed an important Super Bowl game because you are traveling or away from a television? All that is about to change and you may be able to watch your favorite Super Bowl game live while on the move on your Verizon 4G LTE smartphone, as the carrier may broadcast live Super Bowl games from 2014.

Recently, Lowell McAdam, Chairman and CEO of Verizon Communications, spoke to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about boosting technology at stadiums and bringing more interactive features to viewers at home. McAdam also brought an interesting aspect and said that he wanted Verizon to offer live broadcast TV over its 4G LTE network, and the carrier indicated its interest in broadcasting live Super Bowl games over its network in the 2014.

"These global issues can be transformed with wireless, wireline or cloud-based technology. Verizon has the unique combination of networks, technology and people to lead, and more importantly, sustain innovation across the ecosystem, and to help deliver these powerful solutions for consumers and businesses," said McAdam.

In 2011, Verizon facilitated the streaming of Super Bowl via its NFL football app. However, broadcasting live video rather than a stream will provide a stable and enhanced viewing experience.

McAdam said that the network wants to "break down the barrier between home and mobile" to create services that transition seamlessly between TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

Verizon is one of the major four carriers in the U.S. and has a big user base. Technological developments in the telecommunication sector have been immense in the last couple of decades and it's expected the developments will reach greater heights in the near future.

If an event like Super Bowl is broadcasted live on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, it is anybody's guess if other major sporting events will hop on to the bandwagon. 

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