Minecraft Boasts 20 Million Sales On All Platforms

23 January 2013, 8:40 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

'Minecraft' is already one of the highly popular games on the planet, and it's still going strong.

Per reports, game designer Jens Bergensten of Mojang's addictive sandbox indie title 'Minecraft' has revealed that the game has sold approximately 20 million units across all systems.

Bergensten revealed the information via his Twitter feed. He wrote: "About 10 hours ago, Minecraft (PC) hit 9,000,000 sold copies! Which should bring the total for all platforms to... 20 million?"

This means that 'Minecraft' on PC and Mac, 'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' for iOS and Android devices and 'Minecraft' for the Xbox 360 have all collectively sold a remarkable 20 million copies, which, apparently, is almost as much as 2010′s hit title 'Call of Duty: Black Ops.'

With regards to the five million Xbox sales and combining those with both PC-based sales of around nine million and Pocket Edition sales of 7.3 million, the series actually passed that barrier at least a few weeks ago without anyone at the studio even realizing the grand feat.

The game already saw an impressive four million sales back in December with a total of 15 million in the entire 2012 across all platforms, with Pocket Edition of the game leading the pack at just under 5.9 million across iOS and Android. Moreover, while the PC and Mac versions sold 4.18 million units, the Xbox 360 version claimed a stunning five million units sale.

"Lots of you bought Minecraft at Christmas, smashing download records all over the place. The numbers are so massive that even Patrick "master of stats" Geuder raised an eyebrow, and that hardly ever happens. We thought it would be nice to share the numbers," Mojang wrote at that time.

'Minecraft,' however, is still getting frequent updates on each platform, with the 1.4.6 update being the most current release on PC and Mac. Fans are also expecting the redstone-related update announced during MineCon 2012 to arrive soon. The new update will feature a host of new items including redstone blocks, hoppers, trap chests and weighted pressure plates.

"With sales still going at an impressive pace over two years after Minecraft's initial release, it's safe to say that Mojang can continue producing updates without worrying about its budget," a Gamerant report states.

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