The Final Members Of The 'Justice League' Movie Leaked

31 January 2013, 10:02 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

The Justice League movie is in full force and could potentially become the greatest super hero movie ever made. Wwell, that's if DC Comics and friends get it right. Their track record as of late hasn't been great with only Nolan's Batman being successful.

Reports of the final chosen members of the Justice League movie have been making waves of late, and the leaks appear to hold a grain of truth in them. The leaked list consists of the five core members of the league, no surprises here, just the ones an avid fan would expect to be there.

The final roster will look something like this:

1) Superman

2) Batman

3) Green Lantern

4) Wonder Woman

5) The Flash

As expected, Superman and Batman are a must, there's no Justice League without these two. Green Lantern is here, this could be due to him having his own movie. Unfortunately, that movie didn't turn out as fans would have liked. Next up, we have the beautiful and awesome warrior of the Amazon, Wonder Woman. It will be interesting to see how well or how bad Wonder Woman is portrayed in the movie and if she is be able to fly.

Finally, we have The Flash, the man who is faster than Superman. We expect The Flash to not only be used as a hero, but as a comic relief during battles. The Flash loves to talk and make jokes on anyone or anything. It's not hard to see what the directors and producers would do with this character.

Apart from the five core members, there have been talks of the Martian Man Hunter and Aquaman making cameo appearances.

Don't get too excited yet, ladies and gentlemen. For the Justice League movie to go forward, the new Superman movie has to be successful. Superman is the main team member. If his movie fails, the whole Justice League movie plans would be in danger of never making it to the big screen.

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