Top 3 Must Have Tweaks For iOS 6.x Post Jailbreak

3 February 2013, 9:40 pm EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

The much-awaited iOS 6.x evasi0n jailbreak is nearing its release. Post the jailbreak release, you will be able to tinker away on your iDevices and while you're at it, there are a few tweaks which are must-haves and should be downloaded.

Cydia will be equipped to handle the deluge of users, so don't worry you will be able to download all your favorite apps and tweaks seamlessly.

Here's a look at our top three must-have Jailbreak tweaks.

1. NowNow

For those of you who are tired of Siri, but want a personal voice assistant then NowNow is the answer to your conundrum. If you prefer Google's voice search offering over Siri, then the free tweak NowNow will let you launch the Google voice search in a jiffy with a shortcut.

NowNow is a jailbreak tweak that lets users assign Google voice search to an Activator gesture, which basically means that instead of pressing the Home button to launch Siri, users can hold the Home button and launch Google voice search.

After NowNow has been installed, users can simply go to Settings, scroll down to NowNow and select the shortcut they'd like to use for Google's voice search (e.g. triple tap or two taps on the home button).

NowNow is a free download and is available via BigBoss.

2. IntelliScreenX

This tweak lets users access their Notification Center directly from the lockscreen. It brings with it quick access to e-mails, calendar, SMS, Settings etc. IntelliScreenX also lets users post updates on Twitter and Facebook, as well as quickly read and respond to text messages and e-mails.

Moreover, with this tweak installed, users can use all their Notification Center widgets which work on the lockscreen as well.

IntelliScreenX is available from ModMyi for $9.99.

3. iFile

The iFile app is arguably the nest file manager available for iOS devices, and is compatible with jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Those who are familiar with Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows, would know what to expect with iFile.

The app has advanced integration features, including Dropbox integration and can edit codes on the go. iFile enables users to create, explore, and modify anything contained within iOS' root file structure. The app also allows users to install packages even when they are unfamiliar with terminal commands. Users can even transfer files via Bluetooth or a web server

iFile is a free-of-charge download with an unlimited trial version. Users also have the option to purchase the licensed version, which unlocks premium features.

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