Halo Creator Unveils 'Destiny': Shared-World Shooter From Activision & Bungie

18 February 2013, 8:08 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The company behind the Halo franchise has finally unveiled its new video game project, Destiny, and it has some big shoes to fill.

Renowned game development company Bungie revealed that Destiny is a highly social, futuristic sci-fi action game. The company calls Destiny a "shared-world shooter," which means the first-person shooting game will occupy the online world. Destiny will launch on the Xbox and PlayStation 3.

The game will require an online connection, but it will also feature solo play, along with co-operative and competitive multiplayer elements. A companion mobile app will add an extra layer to the game.

"Destiny is the game that we've been dreaming of building for years," said Bungie President Harold Ryan in a press release Sunday, Feb. 17. "Destiny will draw players into a world filled with mystery, action and adventure, but most importantly, Destiny is more than a disc in a drive, it is a living social universe filled with other players."

The company did not offer too many details, but did reveal a bit about the game's story: Destiny is set in the future, at a time when mankind has been nearly wiped out. A mysterious sphere called the Traveler seems to help the humans who stayed alive, and those humans are fighting a range of alien enemies to reclaim the solar system.

The humans build a city beneath the giant protective sphere, and gamers play a guardian of the city. The guardian is able to use some of the moon-like Traveler's great powers.

According to a press release from game publisher Activision, players will be able to create highly customized characters. Bungie has unveiled three character classes: Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

"In Destiny you create your own legend as you and your friends venture out into the solar system to reclaim the treasures and secrets lost after the collapse of humanity's Golden Age," explains Activision. "Over the course of your adventures you become more powerful, able to wield rare and exotic weapons, gear, and powers ... As the world grows and expands over time, so does the story, the destinations you can access, the activities you experience, and rewards you can earn."

The story and world will expand and unfold over the next decade, Bungie says. The company does not yet reveal when Destiny will actually hit the market, but pre-orders for the game are available now.

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