BitTorrent Launches New Free File-Delivery Service: Share Up To 1TB With SoShare

18 February 2013, 8:47 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

BitTorrent launched a new file-sharing tool called SoShare, allowing users to share file bundles of up to 1TB for free.

SoShare combines BitTorrent file transfer technology with cloud caching to enable users to send large files, and recipients can access the files even if the sender is online. SoShare keeps copies of files available for 30 days, but a user can choose to take the files down sooner.

Users need to install a plug-in to take advantage of SoShare and upload or download files, but they don't need to register to access the shared files.

BitTorrent launched its free SoShare file-delivery service Friday, Feb. 15, aiming to help professionals who need to send massive files to clients without compressing them in an email or exceeding their storage limits on other services. The beta project is part of BitTorrent Labs, an initiative through which company engineers can develop creative ideas and get feedback from the BitTorrent community.

How It Works

The SoShare plug-in is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Because it allows users to send files of up to 1 terabyte for free, it's economical to bundle and transfer all kinds of files, including photos, songs, movies or other content.

SoShare displays a thumbnail gallery to enable clients to take a peek without opening the file, and the service also has a notification feature that alerts senders when their bundle reached its destination and when the recipient opened and viewed it. The service also lets users stop and resume file transfers using the BitTorrent protocol. Those who want to share their projects on Facebook or Twitter can also create public links.

Why SoShare?

SoShare is not the first file-sharing service, and it will certainly not be the last. It does, however, have advantages. First of all, other file-sharing services such as Dropbox have storage caps or require users to pay a monthly fee for unlimited transfers. Kim Dotcom's new Mega service offers 50GB of free service, exceeding the limits for both Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive, but SoShare brings even more to the table, with its free one-terabyte offer beating them all. 

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