Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs $100 Off At Best Buy - Limited Time Offer

23 February 2013, 5:50 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Best Buy is launching a two-week promotion this Sunday, Feb. 24, offering $100 discounts on Windows 8 touchscreen PCs, according to a new report.

The offer is not yet live on the Best Buy site and the retailer did not mention exactly what products will be part of the promotion.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, however, it seems that Windows 8 tablets such as Microsoft's own Surface Pro or Surface RT and other Windows 8 or Windows RT Tablets will not be part of the deal. Only touchscreen laptops and desktops will reportedly sport the $100 discount. The promotion will run through Thursday, March 7.

The WSJ got this information from an interview it conducted with Best Buy. Microsoft, Intel, PC makers and Best Buy are apparently absorbing the impact of the cut, reads the report.

Both Microsoft and Intel believe that for PC makers to go forward, it is necessary to offer touchscreens for laptops, desktops and hybrid devices that can serve as both laptops and tablets. Apple's iPad and other tablets with touch-controlled interfaces gained a lot of traction in recent years and ate into sales of traditional PCs, prompting Microsoft to optimize its latest operating system, Windows 8, for touch.

According to Best Buy officials, the decision to launch the promotion stems from a survey Best Buy conducted. The survey in question showed that recent purchasers prefer Windows 8 more on touch-enabled hardware than on non-touch-enabled systems.

Microsoft launched its newest operating system last October but, as the WSJ points out, "touchscreen PCs have not exactly been flying off the shelves" since the great rollout. Maybe this promotion will make a difference.

Best Buy, meanwhile, is counting on this promotion to entice customers who may find touchscreen PCs too expensive, as they often cost $200 or more than their non-touchscreen-enabled counterparts.

While its internal research suggested that consumers were "significantly happier" with Windows 8 touchscreen PCs than with equivalent computers without touchscreens, the higher price of touchscreen PCs appeared to be a drawback for many.

"Touch unlocks an entirely new way to interact with Windows that we believe represents the future of computing," Microsoft told ZDNet. "We're pleased to see how retailers such as Best Buy are promoting this at their stores, including their latest promotion that starts this weekend."

In conclusion, consumers who until now were turned off by hefty price tags might now be more willing to invest in a Windows 8 touchscreen PC. Though the offer is not yet visible on Best Buy's website, it should go live on Sunday.

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