'Terminator 6' News: Latest Instalment With 'Godfather' James Cameron & Deadpool Director Tim Miller, Is It A Reboot Or Sequel?

With the utter failure of the last two movies of "The Terminator" franchise, a possible reboot may serve as a boon especially when it is possibly going to be directed by Tim Miller under the overall guidance of James Cameron. The news remains a part of "early talks" between the popular directors.

Movies Mon Jan 23 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' 2017 Movie: Celine Dion Returns To The Classic With An Original Song, Will Magic Happen Again?

Celine Dion lent her voice to the title soundtrack of the 1991 movie "Beauty and the Beast" which went on to become a classic- winning awards and topping music charts. She is now singing an original song "How Does a Moment Last Forever", which will be played during the end credit sequence.

Movies Mon Jan 23 2017

'Harry Potter' Movie News: Is The Original Cast Reprising Roles For 'Cursed Child' Trilogy? Rowling Clarifies On Twitter!

Will the upcoming years see the original trio (Daniel, Rupert, and Emma) reprise their roles (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) in the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" movie trilogy by Warner Bros? J.K. Rowling tweets about these leaks made by an established film critic. Are the leaks legitimate?

Movies Sun Jan 22 2017

‘Uncharted’ Movie Update: New Director Shawn Levy and Script Writer Joe Carnahan

The “Uncharted” movie has certainly made, with its new director Shawn Levy and the writer Joe Carnahan. Shawn Levy also directed “Real Steel,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Netflix’s Stranger Things.”

Movies Sat Jan 21 2017

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Update: Karen Gillan Shares Some Teaser Of The Upcoming Movie

"Guardians of the Galaxy" vol. 2 charctesr Nebula's actress Karen Gillan shares some things to expect in the movie.

Movies Sat Jan 21 2017

Browse Hidden Genres on Netflix Using Its Own Engineer's Secret Codes; Find out How!

Netflix engineers are using this trick to narrow down the search in the streaming service.

Movies Fri Jan 20 2017

Amazon's New Anime Streaming Channel Let's You Stream Your Favorite Shows For Just $5

Amazon now hosts an anime streaming service for just 5 dollars per month. The name of this service is "Amazon Channels: Anime Strike."

Movies Fri Jan 20 2017

'Hatsune Miku' Joins The Historical Performance With Nakamura Shido in 'Super Kabuki'

The famous Vocaloid diva in Japan, "Hatsune Miku" joins the historical performance of "Super Kabuki" with Nakamura Shido with a mix of technology and traditional influences.

Movies Fri Jan 20 2017

'Jurassic World 2' Update: Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Upcoming Shoot and Her Changed Character [VIDEO]

The 35-year old actress revealed that her character in the new 'Jurassic World 2' could be an entirely different Claire than what audiences saw in the previous movie.

Movies Fri Jan 20 2017

'James Bond' Movie Update: Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy Could Bring Life To 'Bond' Franchise Once Again [VIDEO]

Tom Hardy would be great in the role, seeing as that he does give out a more subtle and approachable aura.

Movies Thu Jan 19 2017

Pirated Copies Of La La Land, Patriots Day, Moonlight Gets Leaked Online

Pirated Copies Of La La Land, Patriots Day, Moonlight Gets Leaked Online. Check this out for more details!

Movies Thu Jan 19 2017

Why 'Koe No Katachi' (A Silent Voice) Is A Must Watch Anime This Year

"Koe no Katachi" or "A Silent Voice" was originally released on September 9 last year. However, this is a must-watch anime because of its beautiful story in line with the coming Spring season.

Movies Wed Jan 18 2017

'Kimi No Nawa (Your Name.)' Is The Highest Grossing Anime Film Ever; Opens In U.S., Canada Theaters On April 7

"Kimi no Na wa (Your Name.)" is currently the highest grossing anime movie in Japan and will open in US and Canada theaters on April 7.

Movies Tue Jan 17 2017

‘Logan’ Movie 2017: Hugh Jackman Tweets Official Synopsis, Director Releases New Teaser Images [VIDEO]

James Mangold has now released some brand new images that further show just how dark and moody the upcoming movie will be.

Movies Tue Jan 17 2017

'Tangled: Before Ever After': Rapunzel Reunites With Her Long Locks; Watch the New Trailer Here!

“Tangled: Before Ever After” is set to debut in March on Disney Channel.

Movies Sat Jan 14 2017

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