Nokia 6: Nokia's First Android Phone Revealed In A YouTube Video Teaser

YouTuber upload video of Nokia's first Android phone, the Nokia 6, showing phone contents and some features.

Nokia January 14, 2017

Analysts Say 250,000 Nokia 6 Pre-purchase Units In China Not A Big Deal [VIDEO]

The Nokia 6 will primarily only be officially sold in the Chinese market which will be made available sometime in early 2017, for a price of 1699 CNY and now garnered close to 250,000 pre-orders.

Nokia January 14, 2017

Nokia 8 Leaks: New Photos Reveal What May Possibly Be Nokia’s 2017 Flagship Model [VIDEO]

Alleged photos of Nokia's upcoming flagship model have been leaked online. Despite no official statement from Nokia, users are now calling it the Nokia 8.

Nokia January 13, 2017

Nokia Requests EU for Trademark on AI Assistant Viki

Viki, an artificial intelligence assistant is allegedly under development to strengthen smartphone giant Nokia.

Nokia January 12, 2017

Nokia 6 vs. Moto G4 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy J7 2016: Which Mid-Range Smartphone Should You Buy?

The Nokia 6, the Moto G4 Plus, and the Galaxy J7 (2016) are your best bets from the mid-range smartphone category.

Nokia January 12, 2017

Nokia Android Phone 2017: Expect More Devices On February 26, Teases Facebook Post!

Apart from the Nokia 6 released recently for Chinese markets exclusively, February 26 may be the date when more Nokia phones will be announced. This date matches with the Mobile World Congress dates.

Nokia January 12, 2017

Nokia E1 Specs Leaked; Official Launching Along With Nokia D1 At MWC 2017 Plausible

Online publication NPU shares supposed Nokia E1 leaked specifications and details. Will we be seeing this Nokia smartphone during the Mobile World Congress this year?

Nokia January 7, 2017

Nokia Plans To Release As Many As 7 Smartphones This Year Including Two Versions Of The D1C

Nokia/HMD is planning to release six to seven smartphones this year.

Nokia January 5, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Photos Leaked: Specs, Features & Updates

Photos for the newest Microsoft Surface leaked, what are the specs and features of this new phone?

Nokia January 1, 2017

Nokia Android News: Nokia D1C Photos And Specs Leak; Two Models Will Run Android 7.0 Nougat

An image of the alleged Nokia D1C has been leaked.

Nokia December 27, 2016

Apple-Nokia Patents Fight Heats Up As Apple Withdraws All Nokia-Owned Withings Products

Nokia has accused the Apple of violating 32 patents acquired in portfolio purchases in 2013 and 2016. Apple has snapped back too and also removed all Withings products from its stores.

Nokia December 26, 2016

'Blackberry Mercury' Android Nougat 7.0 QWERTY Phone Leak: Release Date, Specs, Features

Blackberry Mercury is set to debut next year - what are the latest updates on release dates, specs and features?

Nokia December 26, 2016

Nokia Android Phones 2017: Make Or Break Move For Finnish Company, Last Chance To Rise From The Ashes

Nokia Android phones 2017 are expected to compete with Apple and Samsung as it offers high-end design and cutting edge technology with a lower price range.

Nokia December 26, 2016

Apple Battles Out In Patent War Against Nokia

Two of the biggest tech companies in the industry are at it again with Apple filing a case against Finland-based phone company Nokia for licensing terms on technologies. Apple claims that Nokia is taking advantage of a legal system that is ripe for abuse by carving up its patent holdings and passing it on special firms.

Nokia December 23, 2016

Nokia Android Phones 2017 - Why Apple, Samsung Should Be Worried Price & Specs-Wise, Launch Set For Mobile World Congress Event

Nokia Android phones 2017 are reportedly set to be launched during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nokia December 23, 2016

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