‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 3 Highlighted A Mother’s Grief, Parenting, Coping Skills

16 February 2017, 9:40 am EST By Kate Wales Mobile & Apps

"Jane the Virgin" Season 3 saw the heartbreaking demise of a beloved character, Michael Cordero that made Jane a widow. After three years of mourning, it seems that Jane is now seeing how Mateo has been affected by her grief. This is another phase of the show wherein more about a mother's parenting and coping skills are highlighted, which makes the series more interesting for its audience.

With several new challenges ahead of her, Jane has slowly revived herself following Michael's death. However, a report by Screener pointed out that she's having guilt that she may have failed on parenting that reflected on Mateo's behavior. It was hard to move on from a loss and Jane cannot blame herself.

But as a mother, there are times when guilt overtakes every other emotions. And that's evident in what Jane is going through now. However, fans should not worry that much as actor Justin Baldoni who plays as Rafael revealed to ET Online that his character will be there to support Jane in this difficult time.

Rafael is not the only one who's present to support Jane, however. Interestingly, Petra also stayed by her side and the two actually developed a deeper friendship along the way. Being Rafael's baby mamas, there will always be a connection between these two mothers that's becoming more evident in the new episodes of "Jane the Virgin" Season 3.

This is what makes the show different. It shows how two different women made peace and accepted their differences to become better parents. Jane treats Petra's twins as her own and the latter is now seen treating Mateo the same way.

Parenting these kids are not that easy given the complicated situation they are in. But "Jane the Virgin" Season 3 just showed us that it's possible to take challenges lightly with the proper support group. What can you say about the show's take on parenting? Share your thoughts below!

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