‘This Is Us’ Season 1 Episode 16 Heads To Memphis; Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore Talk About Rebecca, Jack Marriage Issues

17 February 2017, 9:30 am EST By Kate Wales Mobile & Apps

"This is Us" Season 1 Episode 16 entitled "Memphis" is expected to shift focus on Randall and William's out of town trip. It might also reveal more flashbacks of Rebecca and Jack's marriage issues.

It's the first time that "This is Us" showed a huge fight that's left unfinished between the Pearson couple. But before the series deals with what happened next, it is said to give viewers more insights on William's past as he and his son head to Memphis, StreamingObserver reported.

As pointed out by EconoTimes, Randall is struggling to cope with the fact that his father is dying soon. Unable to keep his issues together, the situation is apparently taking a toll on his own family. Bombarded with work issues and William's imminent death, Randall is slowly being consumed by anger, guilt and worry.

So who are Randall and William going to see in Memphis? Would this help Randall cope with what he is going through? Or are there more family members that he should meet in his biological father's hometown?

Apart from Randall's family issues, let's not forget about Rebecca and Jack who had a serious fight in the last episode. In an interview with E! News, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia who play the characters sat down to discuss their personal thoughts on that first big fight. Reportedly, Moore thinks that Jack's resistance in allowing Rebecca to go on tour and explore her career is "disheartening."

However, Milo has an explanation for that. The actor believes that Jack is not a fan of change. That said, he becomes affected of any change that happens in his life, including their best friend's divorce. The two "This is Us" stars have opposing opinions about their characters but what about Rebecca and Jack?

Will the couple get back together? Or will their first big fight lead to several huge fights that would soon break their marriage? That's what fans need to know as "This is Us" returns for more new episodes every Tuesday nights.

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