Android 8 Features: Google To Bring In Jaw-Dropping Features To Its Upcoming OS [VIDEO]; Copy Less, Intelligent Content & More Features Likely

18 March 2017, 5:34 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Updates for Android OS has been nothing short of awe-inspiring up to now, and if Google does not radically deviate from its release pattern, Android users will have a lot to shout about when Android 8 finally rolls out.

Google's upcoming mobile OS (operating system), Android 8 is expected to boast an array of jaw-dropping features that would add more productivity to the open-ended OS than ever before. The system has been very well received by Android users thanks to its uninterrupted functionalities and non-restrictiveness. But if rumors running rampant online are anything to go by, things are likely to get even better.

Google is hard at works on a feature dubbed as Copy Less for its looming Android 8 OS. Copy Less is a time-saver feature that allows the system to automatically copy data to clipboards, according to Yahoo! Tech. It's worth noting, though, that this feature is not exactly brand-new.

This can be done on keyboards, whereby typing a specific word, Google comes up with a few suggestions for the word the user is looking for. It remains to be seen whether or not Google will introduce Copy Less as an added feature or decides to reintroduce it as a completely new element.

Aside from that, another feature Google could consider bringing to Android 8 is Intelligent Content. But just like the aforementioned Copy Less feature, this is not exactly a newfangled ingredient. The functionality, according to BGR, has been there on iOS for quite a long time, and it's about time Android users got it too.

Intelligent Content is actually an extension of an existing feature that allows a user to tap on a specific location in a text message. Google maps then automatically show up that location. iOS users are no stranger to this feature and if the publication's unnamed sources are anything to go by, it is heading to Android.

The search giant is leaving no stone unturned in the bid to make the upcoming Android 8 more seamless. Another feature likely to come with Android 8 includes gesture-based actions. With this innovation, a user can launch certain apps just by doing specific movements.

For instance, to unlock it, a user can simply shake his/her phone or draw a letter "C" on the screen to bring up the contact screen.

Which features would you like to see in Google's upcoming Android 8 OS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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