Owners Of the Boot Loop Stricken G4 and V10 Smartphones Sue LG

19 March 2017, 2:24 pm EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

A frustrated group of smartphone owners has filed a class-action lawsuit against LG. The owners allegedly believe that the company was aware of a hardware flaw that made the G4 and V10 useless.

It's well documented that several G4 and V10 units suffer from the boot loop syndrome. A reoccurring problem that puts the phones in a state of endless rebooting.

According to Ars Technica, the owners believe that LG failed to perform repairs of the said units. They added that the company refused to offer refurbished units to affected owners.

The lawsuit reflects the phone's troubled history that started since the G4's launch. Reports of defective units started surfacing in the end of 2015. Several YouTube videos featuring the boot loop syndrome surfaced in the same period.

The problem affected several LG smartphones, particularly the G4 and V10 units. In the midst of the rising number of complaints, the company allegedly failed to respond on time.

The online backlash started to hurt the company's image. The furor forced LG to release a statement in January 2016 to address the issue. The company's top brass finally admitted the culprit. Loose contact between components caused the boot loop syndrome.

Allegedly, LG told owners to contact their carriers or a service center for repairs. This is when things got a little troublesome for the G4 and V10 owners.

The lawsuit has four plaintiffs, each with their own story of LG's alleged misconduct. One of them alleged that his V10 fell prey to the boot loop syndrome. The person sent his phone at an LG service center only to find out that the "fixed" phone continued to boot loop. T-mobile (the plaintiff's network carrier) later swapped the unit for a refurb.

Another plaintiff added two of his G4 (bought before the announcement) had boot issues. AT&T replaced one of the G4 twice while LG refused to repair the other one when it failed this year.

The case is closely monitored by other G4 and V10 smartphone owners. LG has not yet released an official statement regarding the matter. Stay tuned for updates.

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