iOS 6.1 Jailbreak With Evasi0n: Top 10 Free Cydia Tweaks Available

9 February 2013, 8:42 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The iOS 6.1 evasion jailbreak has finally been released for all the jailbreak fans around the planet. The evad3rs team, comprised of musclenerd, pod2g, pimskeks, and planetbeing has released the evasion jailbreak for all iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch devices (running on iOS 6.0 and working its way through 6.1).

As soon as the jailbreaking process is done with, users can make use of a host of tweaks and apps available in Cydia. These jailbreak tweaks are not possible on non-jailbroken devices, and anybody wanting to try these out need to have a jailbroken device. Moreover, these tweaks have been tested and are running properly on iOS 6.1, and users can look forward to them after the device has been jailbroken.

While a few of the tweaks are paid, most of them have been made free for anyone wanting to have a bit of fun with them. Below is a list of the top ten free Cydia tweaks available for users running iOS 6.1 to download.

Activator: Activator is one of those tweaks that fans of jailbreak just can’t afford to miss out on. Activator has already been tested for OS compatibility and seems to work just okay with iOS 6.1 as well. This tweak has often been tagged as although one of the most important jailbreak tweaks currently available, but often underrated. Activator is also sometimes called the backbone of many other Cydia tweaks because it allows gesture-based controls of almost any (Apple) device that currently exists.

20 Second Lockscreen: This is also another important tweak that makes the lock screen stay on for 20 seconds instead of 5 seconds. There are separate configurable options also available for the timer when docked versus undocked. The 20 Second Lockscreen also includes a ‘forever’ option that can only be used when plugged-in or docked.

BannerBorders: BannerBorders lets the user customize the borders of the banner type notifications via a boatload of options. The tweak allows the user to change the thickness, color, and angles of the banners of the refresh. Users also have the option to choose up to ten different colors for a certain banner with the inclusion of a “Surprise Mode” that can be used to change the color of the banners every time a new notification arrives. Although the tweak doesn’t add new icons to the homescreen, it arrives with its own section of icons located in the iPhone settings that can be adjusted for BannerBorders preferences.

ActiVoice: ActiVoice is a tweak released by Ryan Petrich. The tweak is known for enhancing the different features of the Google Search App by working in combination with Activator. Activator makes the tweak seem more like Siri, and was also tagged earlier as an exciting way for older devices to get some of the Voice search features, similar to what Siri currently offers. Although the tweak may seem similar to NowNow tweak, the basic difference between them, per an iDownloadBlog report, “is that there isn’t a stand alone preference panel for Activoice, and Activoice features three additional Activator actions — Google Goggles, Apps List, and Text Search — as well.”

BatteryShower: BatteryShower is another iPhone jailbreak tweak that, in reality, is an extension of a previously released tweak called ASB. While ASB allows the user to always show the battery icon on the lock screen (regardless of whether or not the user has the device connected to a power source), BatteryShower is known to make use of the same formula and also allow the user not to show the battery all the time, apart from the normal feature.

biteSMS: biteSMS is an iPhone tweak for those who are looking to get out of the normal built-in Messages app of the iPhone. biteSMS makes the process of composing or replying to messages much faster. Moreover, there are boatloads of extra trendy features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Notification Privacy, Passcode Lock, Auto-Forward, Delay Sending, and more that users can make full use of. One of such interesting features is Notification Opt Out that allows the user to 'opt out' of receiving notification alerts for one or more contacts, and can be ideal for opting out of spam or group messages.

Data Counter: The Data Counter Cydia tweak is known for helping in cellular data calculation which is so important to keep track of the data usage within a certain period. It is especially good for those wanting to keep track of their data usage so that they don’t surpass their allocated data volume. Basically, the tweak allows the user to monitor cellular data traffic while keeping live on the user’s statusbar, and it doesn’t matter which networking application the user is using.

Fast copy: As the name of the tweak suggests, Fast copy, developed by the well known Comex who is known for jailbreaking tools like Spirit and JailbreakMe, makes the process of copy and paste faster than usual. The tweak actually gets rid of the delay that sometimes seem to appear on the editing menu when the button is pressed and remains highlighted before actually performing the preferred action. This, in turn, makes the copy-paste process snappier.

Winterboard: Winterboard can be considered as the ultimate theme platform for jailbroken iOS devices. The tweak has been developed by Saurik, who is the creator of Cydia himself. As far as Winterboard is concerned, it allows users to install themes and other different types of visual customization. This is a must have tweak for a user if he is looking to give the home screen of his iOS device a brand new look while also wanting to tweak the look of the overall UI.

NCSettings: NCSettings is basically a notification center widget for iOS-based devices. Its importance lies in the fact that it features shortcuts for turning on/off Bluetooth, autolock, WiFi, orientation lock, airplane mode, private browsing, and more. Users also have the option to increase or decrease the brightness and volume of their device via this tweak. Apart from all these, NCSettings is noted for allowing users to respiring, restart, or turn off their iOS device.

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