iOS Evasi0n Jailbreak Site: Who's The Top Visitor?

11 February 2013, 12:37 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

China tops the list of most visitors to evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.x, according to evad3rs, the jailbreak tool-developing team behind the site.

The new evasi0n jailbreak enables users to hack into all iDevices running on iOS 6.x, save for the third-generation Apple TV. The jailbreak works for iPhone 5 as well.

The evasi0n jailbreak also is untethered, which means it doesn't require re-jailbreaking after a reboot, and has proved to be the most popular jailbreak ever, hitting over seven million installs in just four days after launch.

A member of the evad3rs team who goes by the moniker pod2g has recently published a blog post revealing the statistics following the launch of the team's latest jailbreak tool, evasi0n. According to pod2g, Internet users from China accounted for 20.12 percent of all visitors, with nearly 3 million Chinese users accessing the jailbreak site.

The U.S. followed with the second-highest number of visitors: 2.5 million users, accounting for 16.88 percent of all traffic. France took the third spot with 860,355 visitors, or 5.79 percent.

While pod2g declared being "totally against pirating apps," jailbreak tools actually allow users to install pirated apps on their iOS device. China's government may have been working hard to increase protection for intellectual property rights, but the country still seems to have a high software piracy rate.

On the other hand, desktop software piracy in China did decline from a whopping 92 percent in 2003 to 77 percent in 2011. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said he expects China to become Apple's largest market in the near future. According to Cook, the Cupertino giant increasingly has been making its products available in the Chinese market to meet the demand of local customers.

The fact that China is the top visitor of the evasi0n jailbreak Web site points once again to the great popularity of iOS products in the country. The latest Apple product launches in China may not have caused the riots and frenzy they used to, but people seem very eager to seize the opportunity to jailbreak their iOS devices and find a way around Apple's stringent security measures.

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