Shroud Of The Avatar: New Fantasy RPG From 'Ultima' Creator Hits Kickstarter

10 March 2013, 10:55 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

"Ultima" creator Richard Garriott is taking it to Kickstarter to raise funds for a new fantasy role-playing game (RPG) that aims to reinvent the genre.

Well-known video game developers are increasingly heading to Kickstarter, the popular crowd-sourcing venue, to raise funds for their new projects. Richard Garriott is no exception.

The "Ultima" creator also known as Lord British is leading a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new role-playing game called "Shroud of Avatar," a title that aims to "reinvent the classic fantasy role-playing experience."

The title is slated to launch on PC, Mac and Linux, and will be playable both online and offline. Garriott, however, is aiming for a more intimate experience than with popular games such as World of Warcraft.

"Shroud of the Avatar is the first installment of Richard's new vision and represents the reinvention of the classic, fantasy role-playing which he pioneered," reads the project description on Kickstarter. "A fantasy role-playing game that will focus more on player choices and discovery than on level grinding."

"The familiar psychological profiling used to create your character, organically derived game-play responses to player behavior and fundamental virtues and consequence of actions will all play a huge role in Shroud of Avatar. Players will be free to choose their path, but must then live with the consequences of their actions," adds the description.

Shroud of the Avatar seems to be focusing on both storytelling and player choice, as the developing team claims the players' behavior in the game will determine how the story unfolds.

Other essential features include a deep crafting system, flexible character creation tools, as well as a "persistent shared world" to explore. Like with most classic computer games, the experience in Shroud of the Avatar will be enriched with physical goods such as a cloth map and other trinkets.

Garriott took it to Kickstarter to fund his new game, seeking to raise a minimum $1 million to kick off development. He seems confident that the crowdsourcing campaign will succeed, especially considering that it already raised more than half of its goal with several weeks remaining.

As with all Kickstarter projects, Shroud of the Avatar will only be funded if it reaches its goal of $1 million by Sunday, April 7, 10:57 a.m. EDT.

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