'Diablo 3' American Server Errors: Queues Rise, Servers Fall

16 May 2012, 6:08 pm EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

The launch of Diablo 3 has resulted in users seeing errors and disconnects when trying to create characters. After multiple rounds of maintenance, it seems the servers are up for good.

Blizzard took down servers initially during May 15 - the day of launch - as a community manager at Blizzard said issues would continue to be monitored for additional issues and errors. Blizzard suggested users visit the Technical Support Forum or the Bug Report Forum for information.

A few hours after that announcement, the servers went down again. Players experienced 3003 errors, were kicked out of games and couldn't sign in. The forums were also down, with a message simply saying the "family of Blizzard website is temporarily unavailable."

"We're aware players may not be able to connect to the Americas region, or are having difficulty stay (sic) in-game. We are investigating," the company said on its Twitter account.

That was just before midnight Eastern Time. Around 9:50PM PDT Blizzard said on its official message board that problems would take around two hours to resolve. Blizzard said the problems should be fixed by 11:45PM PDT, and apologized for the errors while promising to keep players informed. Approximately 90 minutes later, Blizzard said servers were back online.

Performance issues have been reported, especially on some MacBook Pro models. The game reportedly runs better in Windows and Bootcamp than Mac OS X. "There are some really bad Mac issues where you can't get performance at all," a post on gaming forum NeoGAF said.

Players should also enable Enhanced Tooltips and Elective Mode in the gameplay options menu. Elective Mode allows skills to be assigned in any way, rather than being forced to choose from a specific category in each slot and means more possible builds. Both options are disabled by default.

Reviews for the game aren't up because the press don't get review copies, unlike most games, and instead get the game around the same time as everyone else.

Players are already finishing Diablo 3. NeoGAF poster Yoshichan posted a screenshot of his end-game statistics. Playing on Normal - the easiest - difficulty, it took Yoshichan 12 hours and 29 minutes. Based in the UK, Yoshichan played from when the servers went live at 11PM in the UK. He finished with a level 32 Barbarian.

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