Android Trojan Malware Pretends As Flash Security Update To Trick Victims

16 February 2017, 11:54 pm EST By Gloven Ramos Mobile & Apps

A new Trojan Malware disguising as a security update is reportedly attacking several Android OS smartphone users. The malware was detected by researchers at ESET, a security company. According to reports, downloading the fake security update for Adobe Flash Player, which is a Trojan malware, will steal users' data to generate funds from fraudulent adware installations and enable the installation of various other types of malware.

When a user downloads a Trojan malware via a fake security update, it will mimic their actions in order to collect and steal data. Also, it will make the users even more susceptible to more malicious software, one of these is the ransomware which previously was removed from the Google Play Store.

According to ZDnet, the Trojan malware targets all Android versions tablets and smartphones alike. It is distributed via compromised websites like adult video sites and even in social media sites. They are tricking the users by luring to download a fake Adobe Flash Player update and installs it on their device.

For some, it is not easy to check whether it is fake or not when the flash screen pops up on their devices. It looks very legitimate making more users easily fall for this scam. When users install the virus, a new screen will pop-up saying the users' device is consuming too much energy and asks users to activate the also fake "Saving Battery mode" to open the Android Accessibility menu.

There are many ways to avoid dealing with these malwares, like avoiding using untrustworthy websites. For downloading apps, make sure to download only on the prescribed apps store like the Google Play Store. And last but not the least, always pay attention to the permissions and rights of the apps you are installing, these are just simple things, but it can save you from any possible malware issue.

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