5 Reasons Why Bing Search Is Better Than Google Search

12 October 2012, 9:47 am EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Ever since Microsoft launched its Bing search engine to compete with Google search, there have been many comparisons of the two. Admittedly, initially Bing was a disgrace when compared to Google search, but slowly as the years passed by; Bing has risen to the challenge and have actually surpassed Google search in terms of accuracy and other things.

Here are the reasons why Bing Search is a better search engine compared to Google Search


Not many people will agree to this, but it is very true. Bing search results are more accurate when compared to Google Search. It might not be considerably accurate, but it is noticeable. With my experience with Google search, I have experienced less on point results and more garbage; problems like these are not so frequent in Bing search. Surprising it was not, because it was evident for a long time that Bing search was improving on a rapid pace.

Social Integration

This is where Bing manages to really leave Google behind in its dust. Both search engines have incorporated some form of social interaction; however, Bing Social is so much more useful. The thing with Google's attempt is that it doesn't work with Facebook and many other social platforms, only the company's own Google+ (Google Plus) social network. Bing on the other hand, has added Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to the list.

When a user makes a Bing search, he/she can see how many friends on Facebook have done stuff relating to Microsoft, the same goes for those on Twitter. You can even notify your friends about what you have been searching about right from the results page. Isn't that awesome? Bing Social is truly powerful, and while it hasn't taken off substantially as of yet, over time it certainly will.

Xbox 360 and Kinect Integration

Bing being integrated in the Xbox 360 with Kinect controls is something Google is lacking. Sure, Google has its Google TV thing, but compared to the power of the Xbox 360 and Kinect, it pales. When you fire up your Xbox 360 and speak these words, "Xbox, Bing Halo 4" and watch as the information pops up onscreen, gives you a sense of being all powerful and mighty, and probably sexy too, depending on who you are.

Product Search Better with Bing

We all tend to search for products via search engines on a regular basis, even if we have no intentions to purchase. However, that doesn't mean Google shouldn't give its users more options when they search for "Xbox 360." Bing allows you to view pictures and prices of a product, while Google only trumps up a bunch of images for you to stare at. Yes, the Xbox 360 is a hot looking product, but that won't matter if one doesn't know the price at which to purchase one.

"Bing It" Sounds Better Than "Google It"

Extremely off topic, but it needs mentioning, nonetheless. Just say it out loud, "BING IT". How does that sound compared to saying "GOOGLE IT"? Sounds a lot better right? Well, how about taking the time out to go and actually think up a search term, and "Bing It".

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