Twitter Pushing Out Update To Make Photo Viewing Hassle Free: Videos Added To Media Galleries

31 January 2013, 8:27 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Twitter is doing the best it can to make its user's tweeting experience hassle free to the extent possible.

Per reports, popular social networking site Twitter is currently rolling out a minor update that alters the way how photos are viewed from a certain profile page or in search results.

The new update makes it easier for users to view photos and videos on the site, especially photos and videos in profiles or search results. Now, per Twitter's David Chen, the new updates allow photos to be viewed from a separate profile page or in a bigger panel, and this is quite similar to how users are now used to viewing images on Facebook.

Without the need to navigate another Web site, Twitter's newest feature reorganizes the user experience and also cuts down on the infamous loading times that have so often been the subject of innumerable user complaints in the past.

Chen also confirmed that this new update includes an alteration to users' media galleries, which will now include videos from YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and other video partners of Twitter. These video partners will be supported in the company's newest viewing option, which basically means that users can now watch videos on a rationally sized screen that will remain separate from the rest of their usual feed.

These new changes may not seem like something big to several Twitter users, but the timing that the company chose to release these updates could be a major factor.

Fresh from a stream of chief updates to both the company and its basic core service, a newly improved as well as modernized user interface can be considered as the first step toward refurbishing the entire social network. The new updates are also a proof about how the company wants to keep ahead with time, and also a much needed eagerness to integrate all the information obtained within site.

Lastly, Twitter has also extended the conversations feature on pages for individual tweets, and the site now shows more replies in each thread.

These new changes also follow an update released last week that newly designed embedded tweets in an attempt to show re-tweets, favorites, and even more content for users.

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