Twitter Turns Lolcatz Crazy: You Can Haz New Language Option

10 February 2013, 11:52 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Twitter users tired of the plain old boring grammar can now rejoice, as they can "nao haz" a new language option: Lolcatz.

In addition to the Filipino, Arabic, Urdu, Thai, and a slew of other languages, Twitter has now enriched its trove. The micro-blogging company is now beta testing its interface translated into the playfully language of kittehs.

Facebook has had a pirate language option for a good while, allowing its users to view their profile differently. Twitter has now added itself to the list of social networks offering novelty language options.

"Happeh Fridai! U can nao change ur language 2 lolcat in Settings. Hope u liek it," read a tweet on Twitter's official, verified Twitter account. Users can now check out their profile in Lolcat at this link and, if preferred, make it permanent in the settings.

Changing the language to Lolcat does not affect tweets, but virtually all else turns into LOLCATZ mode. More precisely, the Tweets, Favorites, Lists, and Followers on the left side of the screen are changed to ALL CAPS. Following even loses its "g," turning into a shouted "FOLLOWIN."

On tweets, photographs will display "VIEW FOTO," while "my" is turned into a playful "mah." A number of "kthnx" float around as well, while beneath the user's name an option says "VIEW MAH PROFILE PUJ." Below that, users can "COMPOZE NEW TWEET." On the other hand, at least the Lolcatz language apparently cannot improve the word "tweet," as it is left untouched (kind of, it's still turned in all-caps). Meanwhile, "Who To Follow?" is now "HOO 2 FOLLOW."

For those who haven't already figured it out, the Lolcatz language is essentially composed of a lot of words in all-caps. While Facebook's pirate language sports a vast amount of pirate speak, the Lolcatz language tends to be diminutive in scope, aiming to make things more fun.

On the other hand, if this article was somewhat tiring to read due to the number of all-caps words, remember that it's nothing compared to the new Twitter language option. Nonetheless, cat lovers will undoubtedly give it a try, and plenty of users will likely stick to it too, at least for a while. Grammar nazis will not be happy.

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